Need to release your driver to their next load appointment?

Freight refused due to shifting, bad pallets, or damages?

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A great company to deal with. I’ve used them for cross docking and short distance drop-offs to my business and they’re responsive, professional, and flexible. Will definitely be doing business with them in the future!

– Gregory Micek

Have you ever arrived at destination and were told the customer can’t take the load?

Might be a couple of days before they will…You have another appointment for a pick-up a full load at another location.

Bring your shipment to our Sacramento warehouse and we will take care of it for you. We will unload your trailer, get you on your way, keep your load secure, and re-deliver the freight to your customer when they can accept it.

We have the experience, technology, manpower and dedicated drivers to complete your delivery so you can continue on to your next destination. We are the experts in working with logistic companies because we ensure that your load is delivered on schedule.

Our shipping experts are here to help. We offer 24/7 emergency load reworking and freight fixing services for shipments passing through the Greater Sacramento area on I-80, I-5, Hwy 50 and Hwy 99.

Our warehouse is open 24/7 and our shipping experts are here to help, call Total Freight Solutions today.

“Last mile load re-delivery” involves rescheduling the delivery, re-routing the package, and making another attempt to deliver the item to the customer’s address. This process aims to ensure that the product reaches the customer successfully, resolving any issues that led to the initial delivery failure.
What is last mile load re-delivery, and why is it important for customers?
Last mile load re-delivery is the process of attempting to deliver a package to a customer again after the initial delivery attempt failed. It’s crucial because it ensures that customers receive their orders, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in the warehouse’s services.
How do warehouses handle last mile load re-delivery efficiently?
Warehouses optimize last mile load re-delivery through route optimization software, real-time tracking systems, and efficient communication channels with delivery personnel. These tools help in re-routing packages, scheduling convenient delivery times, and ensuring successful delivery.
What are the common reasons for the initial delivery failure in last mile delivery?
Initial delivery failures can occur due to various reasons such as the recipient not being available, incorrect address details, inaccessible delivery location, or delivery attempts made during non-business hours.
What measures are taken to prevent re-delivery failures in the first place?
Warehouses implement address verification systems, customer communication protocols, and accurate delivery time estimations to minimize re-delivery failures. Clear communication with customers regarding delivery schedules also helps in reducing initial delivery attempts’ failure rates
How do customers track their re-delivered packages?
Customers can track their re-delivered packages using tracking numbers provided by the warehouse. Online portals and mobile apps allow customers to monitor the real-time status of their packages, including estimated delivery times and any updates on re-delivery attempts.
Are there additional costs associated with last mile load re-delivery services?
Some warehouses might charge additional fees for re-delivery attempts, especially if the failure was due to customer-related issues like incorrect address details. It’s essential for customers to provide accurate information during the ordering process to avoid extra costs.

Last Mile Delivery with Total Freight Solutions

We understand the complexities of Last Mile Load Re-Delivery and have tailored our services to transform this challenge into an opportunity for your business.

Strategic Advantage in Northern California

Located strategically in Sacramento, we are perfectly positioned to serve as your gateway to the Northern California market. Our proximity to major urban centers ensures that your products reach their destinations swiftly and efficiently, minimizing the need for costly re-deliveries.

Advanced Technological Integration

At Total Freight Solutions, we embrace cutting-edge technology. Our sophisticated route optimization software is designed to navigate the unique traffic patterns of Sacramento, ensuring that every delivery is as efficient as possible. Real-time tracking and proactive communication keep you and your customers informed every step of the way.

Partnerships with Local Experts

We believe in the power of collaboration. By partnering with the finest local carriers, we offer you a blend of speed and expertise that is unmatched. This local knowledge is particularly invaluable when it comes to managing the intricacies of re-deliveries.

Customized Solutions, Sustainable Future

Understanding the diverse needs of your products, we offer specialized storage and handling, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. Committed to a greener planet, our sustainable delivery practices, including the use of eco-friendly vehicles, align with the values of your environmentally conscious customers.

Customer-Centric Approach

We’ve established convenient customer pick-up points at our warehouse, offering flexibility and reducing the load on delivery resources. In cases of returns or exchanges, our efficient management system ensures a smooth and quick resolution.

Our warehouse is open 24/7 and our shipping experts are here to help, call Total Freight Solutions today.

45,000 Sq. Ft. of Storage Space

Spacious 45,000 square foot warehouse, equipped to handle all your warehousing requirements.

Dedicated Warehousing Specialists

Our team of dedicated warehousing and distribution specialists is committed to providing top-notch service, ensuring your goods are handled with care and precision.

Secure and Monitored Facility

Rest easy knowing your goods are stored in a highly secured facility equipped with monitored cameras and alarms, guaranteeing their safety round the clock.

Flexible Storage Options

From bulk storage to racked storage, we offer versatile solutions to accommodate items of various sizes and quantities.

Direct-To-Customer Solutions

Benefit from our direct-to-customer solutions, ensuring your products reach their destination promptly and in pristine condition.

Advanced Warehouse Management:

Benefit from our advanced inventory control and warehouse management system, ensuring accurate tracking and seamless operations.

Logistics Services

Beyond storage, we offer comprehensive logistics services to cater to all your transportation needs, providing end-to-end solutions for a hassle-free experience.

Recessed and Grade Level Docks

Our facility is equipped with recessed loading docks and grade level docks, both inside and outside, offering convenient load/unload capabilities.


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