Short term & long term storage Solutions

Looking for warehouse storage near Sacramento, CA?

Do you have an urgent, temporary or long term storage needs?

Whether you have an urgent, temporary or long term storage need, our warehousing team is equipped to create an individual plan for you. We offer customized solutions to each client, including cross dock services, freight & load rework, professional packaging, freight re-delivery, warehousing and distribution services out of our 45,000 square foot warehouse located in Sacramento, CA.

We accept most forms of online and in-person payment methods. Great for out-of-state dispatch and cross docking. With our available forklift, pallet jack and handcart equipment we can handle just about anything you need.

  • Warehouse Storage – Dedicated warehouse with plenty of open space, high-ceilings and tall doors perfect for heavy-lift and big cargo.
  • Cross Docking – Our fast and efficient cross docking operations keeps your inventory moving quickly to save resources across the board.
  • Re-Delivery – Need to release your driver to their next load appointment? No problem, we can re-deliver your freight for you.
  • Distribution – State-of-the-art warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment services that can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Rework – Has your load become disorganized or damaged during transit? Our shipping experts will Fix your shipment in a pinch.
  • Consolidation – Do you need to consolidate many small shipments into a larger one? No problem, we’ll take care of it.
  • Palletizing – Let us handle all your palletized needs from supplying pallets, stacking boxes, shrink wrap and band each pallet to eliminate movement during transportation.
  • Deconsolidation – Do you need your large shipment broken down into smaller shipments that need to be distributed to individual recipients?

Our warehouse is open 24/7 and our shipping experts are here to help, call Total Freight Solutions today.

Warehouse Features

45,000 Square Feet of Warehouse Storage Space


Open Space, High-Ceilings and Tall Doors, Perfect for Heavy-Lift and Big Cargo


Direct-To-Customer Solutions – Redelivery


Secured Facility with Monitored Cameras & Alarms


Bulk Storage, Racked Storage, Repacking & Palletizing


Dedicated Warehousing and Distribution Specialists


Inventory Control and Warehouse Management System


Recessed Loading Docks and Grade Level Docks With Inside and Outside Load/Unload Capabilities


Logistics Services Available for All Your Transportation Needs


For a quote please call (916) 400-0227 or email us using the form below.